Want To Become A Dream Healing Practitioner?

Learn to interpret your dreams by joining our training program. You will love it! Are you interested in learning to be a practitioner to help individuals with inner healing through their dreams? Our training is deep, rich and extremely thorough. If you are committed to learning how to use your gift in prophetic/intuitive interpretation to bring breakthrough to people’s lives, you will love this program! It’s not however, for the faint of heart. 🙂 Visit the Training page to submit your application.

Dream Interpretation

You can send your dream for interpretation through the form below. Our gifted and well educated staff are the ones who take care of these dreams. They are very insightful individuals, and will take the time to give a thorough assessment. Your dream will be assigned to one of the staff members, and you will receive your interpretation by email within (7 – 10) business days. Pricing is $50.00 per 100 words. We put a lot of work into the detail of your dreams, to pull out all that we can discover. (This is not a lightweight interpretation.) Your dreams sometimes reveal inner emotional triggers, and deep areas that you yourself may have difficulty seeing or accessing. Going this deep into the meaning of your dreams is not necessary for every dream, but critical to some dreams. If you are an avid dreamer you may want to consider our training program.

How To Send A Dream For Interpretation

1) No need to give a history of your life or circumstances connected to the dream, but do share if some element in your dream relates to current day events in your life.
2) It is not necessary to give any background to receive a dream analysis. When submitting your dream, please be concise and use punctuation to alleviate confusion. Please include important details such as times, dates, names, colors, or directional orientation (N, S, E, W).
3) Please include date and time of dream if you have it.
4) Insert (copy and paste) your dream into the word counter and choose the appropriate number for payment.
5) Don’t forget to copy and paste your dream content into the Dream Content box on the form and hit send.

You will receive your interpretation by email within (7 – 14) business days. Please use the word counter for your pricing, only send one dream at a time through the form.

YOUR WORD COUNTER IS THE BOX BELOW. Please copy and paste your dream in the box below only to calculate your words. Then paste it into your form below with your word count and your payment will be generated. You will need to choose your word count, whether it is 1-10 (100) word count. We will see the count when it comes through. Thank you!

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