Prophetic Reading

Get A Prophetic Reading

You can receive a prophetic reading from our skilled staff by sending a request form selecting the product you desire. We have two options. 1) Single Prophetic Reading, 2) Gift A Prophetic Reading, both are $50.00 and go in depth.

(How To Request A Prophetic Reading)

Please, “DO NOT” give a history of your life or circumstances!
It is not necessary to give any background to receive a reading. If you have comments, they should be brief and direct as to what you desire direction on. Such as, (Should I stay in my job?) (Is there a move in my future?) (What is my next step?) Our students will pray for the answers you need, but please be aware that we can only offer what Creator speaks to us about. Thank you for your understanding!

Prophetic Disclaimer

Prophetic Disclaimer
A prophetic message is a translation and delivery of what’s in the heart of Creator God for an individual. It is delivered through a human being and thus, can be subject to the presenter and/or the receiver. There are times when He will speak to the very subject that the receiver desires, but others when He will speak to what is on His heart only.

Creator God gives what He desires to the prophetic vessel, and the vessel is responsible to simply deliver. We take no responsibility for your personal responses, or for any outcome connected to any message given. You will best benefit by allowing God to walk you through the process of His messages, in His time and His way.

We would encourage you not to worry about every detail of your word/reading, and how it relates to or fits your current circumstances. A prophetic message can often supersede time and situational circumstances. Thank you for your openness to the heart of God and to His use of another human being. Thank you for allowing us to speak into you for the purpose of edification, encouragement and comfort.