What Is The Drop In?

The Drop In is an online and virtual event where you can join our students and staff for varied prayer initiatives and prophetic activations. The event is one Saturday of every month from 9 am to 11 am PST/USA, and you don’t have to stay the duration of the event. Feel free to come and stay as long as you can. We’ll be happy to see you! When it’s over the staff will copy the transcript of the event for you and it will be in your inbox on the NIT site within hours after the event. This event is generated by your donations. Thank you for sowing into us! You can donate with our donate button below, and any amount is appreciated. You can RSVP on Facebook by going to one of our Facebook pages! The events will always be on one or all of these pages. πŸ™‚
1) Now, Interpret This
​2) NIT Dreamchat/The Drop In
​3) Dream Diva Show Melody Paasch

​Want to share a dream with our Facebook community to get their comments? You can comment there as well. This is a private group and you’ll need to answer a few questions before approval.
Dream Diva Show Discussions Melody Paasch
​​We’ve been doing this event for several years and it is very popular. Feel free to invite your friends and family. There are times when Creator has us encourage and speak to the attendees of His great love from His heart! It’s so good!

You simply join us online by using this DROP IN hyperlink and we can all chat together in the Now, Interpret This! school chatbox. Watch the Video Tours. (You will need to register/sign up for a free membership to have access to the event. See the “Log in or Sign up” selection at the very top right of the site. (It’s a very small selection in white text).

Illustration For Free Registration/Sign Up Below

In the illustration below you will see there are 2 options to sign up/log in. You can log in with Facebook (the quick and easy way on the upper right) or you will need to “create” an account on the upper left. (Please do not use your first name only as a username because that is reserved for students and staff; and please write your password down somewhere so that you have it for the next Drop In event.) When you click the dot that says “No, create an account now” you will be given a form to fill out. It is brief and none of your information will be shared with anyone. The form will also give you the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter or for the Drop In reminder (You might want that in case you decide you enjoy it. It is easy to unsubscribe later if you choose). After you complete your account form, the video below shows you how to login with your own username and password. www.nowinterpretthis.com

Watch the video below for The Drop In!