What’s the Best Way to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts?

What’s the Best Way to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts? With mentoring in a safe friendly environment, of course! NIT receives student applications at anytime. However, the semesters begin in January, May and September. You can begin your Semester 101 in any of the semesters, as long as we have a minimum number of students starting with you. Fill out our student application at the bottom of this page. (We are working on new course descriptions, as we have just revamped and integrated new course work into our curriculum). We pray over all applications before accepting new students and will let you know if you are accepted or declined within a week or so. Most declinations are based upon the concern that the school is not a good fit for the individual. We do look forward to meeting you!

The NIT training program is intimate oversight and interaction with our incredible coaches and directors. The program is a pretty immersive experience and the time commitment can be anywhere from 10-20 hours a week, depending on your computer skills and how efficiently you schedule and work. Your training is facilitated by online classrooms with the coaches and directors of the departments.

  • You’ll gain confidence in hearing the voice of God.
  • You’ll have a safe place to step out and take a risk
  • You’ll learn how to deliver a message in an “easy to swallow” format
  • You’ll learn to shift your language to speak effectively to those outside church culture
  • You will learn dream interpretation and prophetic delivery as we believe they go hand in hand
  • You’ll develop much faster with team support than with reading books and trying to figure it out on your own
  • You’ll have people cheering you on and validating you when you get into self-doubt
  • You’ll experience a deeper levels of healing, especially connected to relational interaction
  • You’ll always have a sounding board
  • You’ll gain a family that prays, supports and is probably as offbeat as you
  • You’ll make incredible friendships

What’s expected and how that possible 10-20 hours can break down:

  • A few hours a week to work on your assignments independently
  • Time to connect with your instructor each week, typically in your online classroom conversations
  • A few minutes per day checking in on the school forum and interacting as part of the community
  • Attendance at the online Drop In event every month (It’s one Saturday every month from 9 – 11 am PST USA.)

Here’s what our trainees are saying:

“I don’t know where else to go and be taught, challenged and loved like NIT”. ~ DM

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn the prophetic and actually be able to use it. I’ve been in churches where they kind-of semi-train you, but hardly ever allow you do anything. It really is a safe environment to learn.” ~ CW

“NIT taught me how to unravel some “religious” talk that was a symptom of beliefs I needed to let go of. I have been allowed to step out and learn in a safe environment, and be a part of helping others who have wanted to understand their dreams like I have, and then see people blessed by prophetic readings. That ALWAYS feels so good! The greatest surprise has come in the form of the prophetic opportunities that I never saw coming. Had no idea this was even in me. Melody has helped me in very key pivotal transitions in my life, although she may not be aware of this. Because of these leaps and bounds, I have grown immensely in my spiritual walk, and I cannot imagine where I would be without NIT. This community has encouraged me in how to be brave, and step out.” ~ TT

“NIT is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt like I belong. This family gets me. This is a safe place to grow and make mistakes and learn from them. I still have so very much to learn but looking back on how far I’ve come during this time with NIT, I do not recognize myself from before. The connections made here are invaluable and irreplaceable. NIT has played a major role in helping me reach understanding, freedom and healing in so many broken areas.” ~ JJ

“Because I usually serve in traditional churches, I have been a little left of center for most folks (well, a lot left of center actually). I’ve pretty much had to go it alone or with a small group bumbling along. Creator was faithful, though, and led me to NIT. I now hang out with a wide cross-section of people, from potentially around the world, who are a company of prophets. How cool is that! I’m in it for the long haul and will only leave the family of NIT if He clearly says so.” ~ SV

“I had been struggling with strange things happening and pretty sure there must be something wrong with me because “normal people” don’t have these weird experiences. Then I met three of the NIT members at a holistic fair and got invited to join this group. I now have an amazing connection to these wonderful people who are just as crazy as me. Melody has taught me a great deal and so have the rest of the coaches and family. I have made friends that I know will last a life time and beyond. I am so thankful for you all and I’m blessed to be a part of NIT” ~ KG

“Learning from Melody has been absolutely what I needed and was praying for. I have so much more confidence that I am hearing from God, and I was able to develop much much faster in the one on one sessions with her than trying to do this on my own. One of my battles has been in my delivery (saying difficult things in an encouraging way). This is where Melody excels and I am learning by a good example. I am blown away by her sacrifice of time and energy to not only teach, but just support and pray for us.” ~ SS

“For the first time in a VERY long time, I’ve connected with people on NIT that “get” me. I’ve developed friendships that have been long awaited for. In addition, I’ve learned a TON about the prophetic and dream interpretation. I’ve learned more in being with NIT than I had for a long time previously. Why is that? I think it’s because I suspected a lot of things about the goodness of God but was not hearing that from people.” ~ DH

“Working with Melody has been absolutely amazing. She is so patient and so knowledgeable. She has helped in pulling out the gift in me to interpret dreams and pulling out the prophetic in me. I have gained so much even where I didn’t think i could do any of this, she has encouraged me. I have so much more knowledge with dream interpretation than I ever have. She believed in me that I could do it. Also, part of her call is to pull out the true purpose in others and encourage them in it.” ~ CW