The school does not separate the  dreams training from the prophetic training. They come from the same Spirit. Recommended. You must apply and interview to enter the program. Please go through your interview and acceptance before selecting this option. (All semesters are 12 weeks long and the cost is $550. 00 per semester paid in advance.)  For purchase CLICK HERE!

Learn dream interpretation through one-on-one mentoring. You’ll learn to work through your own dreams before working on someone else’s. 
Get personal mentoring and training in spiritual hearing/seeing, and proper delivery of prophetic readings. Learn how to communicate with a wide variety of people groups and use your words in a way that the recipient will derive the most value from it. 

(Please only apply and take an interview if you are sure that you are interested and have made a decision to join the school. We pray over every applicant and will let you know if you are accepted and will walk you through your set up at that time. Thank you!)